January Memory Verse: “This is truly the prophet who is coming into the world.” (John 6:14)

January 21: Jesus and the Children. Sometimes children are loud, exhausting, interruptions to adult activities – and so the 12 disciples tried to keep them away from Jesus.  But Jesus had harsh words for anyone who harms children, leads them astray, or places barriers in their path to knowing God.  Jesus welcomed children into his presence, blessed them, and raised them up as examples for tired, angry, stern adults to emulate.

January 28: A Boy’s Lunch. Jesus’ miracles and teachings drew a large group of followers who were tired, hungry, over taxed, and over worked.  One boy was willing to share his five loaves and two fish.  Jesus gave thanks and had the food distributed to everyone, ending with more leftovers than the original basket could hold. This miracle of multiplying food for a multitude is also a symbol of spiritual food with eternal value, offered to all.