If you’re like me and many others, when it comes to prayer we feel like we’re out of our depths.  This year’s Lenten Study focusing around Mark Batterson’s bestselling The Circle Maker is designed to help us go deeper in our prayer life both as individuals and as a community of faith.

             Given some of the positive feedback regarding our Advent study, Pastor Dave and I are going to tie-in our preaching to several key themes found in the book.  You will have several opportunities to participate in this exciting study.  First, you can read The Circle Maker which is available wherever books are sold.  Secondly, you can participate in a k-group which will be utilizing the study curriculum that accompanies the book.  We are also encouraging those who wish to go deeper in their prayer lives to join us in the 40-day “Draw the Circle” prayer challenge which you can do by purchasing the Draw the Circle devotional book.  Finally, each Sunday during Lent you can attend service and be encouraged and challenged by a sermon that reinforces and expands on topics covered by the book, small group study, and devotional!

Please consider joining us in one or more—or all!—of these exciting endeavors as we seek God’s face in prayer this time of Lenten preparation.  For more information on the books, small group study, devotional, or preaching series, please contact Pastor Jason.

P.S. Don’t let the cost of a book stop you. Talk with Pastor Dave or Jason.

If you'd like to get your copy of The Circle Maker or Draw the Circle, follow the following links:

The Circle Maker 

Draw the Circle: 

If you haven't yet experienced the gift of being in a small group, now is your chance to try this life-changing discipleship journey.  We can connect you with a group or you can join our new group that will meet following our Lenten Prayer Service.  This groups will meet at 7:30 in our Fellowship Hall.